Monthly Archives: October 2010

Halloween Single Skein Social

Sunday Oct. 31 – Single Skein Social 1:00 – 4:00

Diagonal Skinny Scarf – size 9 needles

Magnum Seed Stitch Scarf – size 19 needles

Slippers – size 7 needles

Small Market Bag – size 11 needles

Felted Purse – 16 or 24” circular size 11 needles

Soft Cowl – 16” circular size 10 needle

Tiny Treasure Bag – size 4 needles

Christmas Tree Washcloth – size 6 needles

Bulky Hat – 16” circular size 10.5 needle


Candy Corn

I admit it.  I am biased.  But I think this is the cutest baby!  Meet AJ (Antonio James).  He is my newest nephew.  For his first halloween he wanted to be a Candy Corn.  So…. Ravelry to the rescue!  I knew I wanted to use Cashmerino Aran, so I did a pattern search fo a Candy Corn hat with this weight of yarn, and Voila!

If you don’t know how to use Ravelry, or want to expand your abilities, sign up for our Ravelry class on Oct. 23.

Happy Halloween!

Hand knit goodness…

This morning is a grey, dreary, rainy morning and I put on socks for the first time in three months, hand knit socks.  Mmmmm cozy.

Socks are the one thing I knit, that I keep. 

Love. My. Socks. 

Happy fall everyone!

Yarn Tasting

Let the sampling begin…

Oct 2-3 we will be having a yarn tasting of many of our new fall yarns. This is your opportunity so see how yarns work up, feel, and drape.  Come on in and see us this weekend.