Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

I’ve made it up to Oregon for Thanksgiving, and have left Frankie, Anneliese and Eric in charge of our 6th annual Thanksgiving sale.  Be patient with them! 

Cascade 220 in stock is 20% off!

All other regular priced yarn is 10% off.

Further markdowns on the Sale Shelf

We will be open @ 10:30 Friday morning, and the sale goes through the weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!



I woke up this morning thinking about Thanksgiving this next week and the schedule of events this holds for my family and I.  (We are driving to Oregon to spend it with family)  Oh NO!  I hadn’t thought about a knitting project for this course of events.  Yes, I will need to cast on something appropriate for lots of driving and sitting and visiting.  It can’t be too complex, no lace knitting. I just finished a pair of socks so I don’t want to do another quite yet. Hmmm, what will it be?  What is everyone else out there working on for this family filled time?

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our knitting/crocheting community for giving us such a great sense of community at the store. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today is Pat’s last day in the store for the rest of the month!  She will actually be gone for three weeks.  Remember this means no drop-in classes for this time period. 

I figure during this time of “Thanks-giving” it is appropriate to thank Pat for all her hard work and dedication she gives the store. 

I hope Pat has a great time meeting her new granddaughter and of course seeing Rueben again.  I’m sure she will come back with plenty of pictures to share.  The key here is “come back” Pat!

Too much yarn?

Yesterday we were doing shelf rearranging to accomodate a new shipment of yarns.  The situation in our store room is out of control!  I decided I should cancel the balance of our winter orders.  So I look at what orders are left to come in, and the major delivery due this month is from Malibrigo.  Oh No!  I want this new line of yarn for the store, but where will we put it?  

Any ideas of where we can shelf a whole new line of yarn?  (Hammocks have already been suggested)


Plain and Simple, get out and VOTE!