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April Single Skein Around the Corner

April Single Skein Projects
April Single Skein Projects


Single Skein Social April 30th 5:00-8:00

SMALL MARKET BAG:  1 skein Fantasy Naturale, or 140 yards worsted wt. cotton; size 11 circular, 16-in.


BEADED CELL-PHONE/Ipod COVER:  1 skein Tahki Palma (98 yards); size 6 needles; 140 size 6/0 beads.  More if you want a beaded handle.


WRAP & DROP SCARF:  1 skein Giotto Riboon (153 yards); size 13 needles.


FLOWER Dishcloth:  1 skein Sublime Soya Cotton (120 yards) or other DK weight cotton; size 6 needles.


Weeks end….

Bom gals hard at work counting stitches....

Bom gals hard at work counting stitches....

You knitters have turned my week around!  The first part of the week was so stressful with all the computer issues it just consumed me. 

Now… I sit here on Sunday filled with all the warmth and joy you all give.  It began with Thursday BOM class, drop-in class, Sit and Knit (with a record number) and then the celebration @ Sat. BOM class*, visiting knitting groups and even a scarf dance! 

I have now left that previous stress behind.  THANK YOU!

*The celebration at BOM class was because our Ravelry group site hit 100 members during class.  In celebration, we are having 10% off all yarn purchases for the weekend.

Leader of the Scarf Dance!

Leader of the Scarf Dance!


We got a Dell! 

Tuesday afternoon the computer at the store started doing some very strange things and became un-useable.  On Wednesday morning we got the news from our computer guru that it had died.  So… we spent yesterday setting up our new computer and trying to get all the data off the old computer and onto the new one. 

Don’t you fret though… while I was a stress ball dealing with all the computer stuff, Pat brought the calmness and sanity to the store for the customers.  All the sales were written up “by hand”!

I hope to have my own sanity restored soon, and will post the SSS pictures and needle sizes soon.

Save the Date

Its official… We have scheduled our next Single Skein Social.  Save the date of April 30th from 5:00 – 8:00.  Pat and I are busy knitting up samples.  They should be in the store by next week.  We will then post the projects and needle sizes.   We have some great spring and Mothers Day projects slated.  Hope to see you then.

Spring Fever

I”ve never had spring knitting fever before, but I do this year.  We have sooo many new light weight, spring color yarns, my fingers are itching to cast on something new.  I am debating between the Ruca, a sugarcane fiber, and the Susan, pima cotton hand dye from Schaefer. 

I just finished up a Wallaby this morning, I deserve to start something new.  Help me out folks, what should it be?