Holiday Single Skein Social – Part I

Holiday Single Skein Social - Part I

Saturday Dec. 10th is our Holiday Party and Single Skein Social. It will be an all day affair, with a special guest in the afternoon. There are so many projects (12) we will post them in 2 parts. Here is Part 1….
Bulky Hat – 16” circ and DP 10.5

Felted Bag – 16” circ 11

Tiny Treasure Bag – Size 4

Wristlettes (Adult) – Size 7

Wristlettes (Child) – Size 6

Chunky Beret – 16” circ and DP 11


2 responses to “Holiday Single Skein Social – Part I

  1. Are any of the patterns for crochet? They all seem to be for knitting. I like the idea of a single skein social, but that skein should extend to those of us who crochet.

    • Peggy, I’ll quote Candace here: “Mostly the day is planned as our Holiday party to all of you, our BHY community. Come on in and pick out a small project or bring in your own knitting [or crochet] and enjoy the company.
      I might even “bake”… .” Please come, stay as long as you like, and have some fun. And stay tuned, more projects will be posted–maybe even one in crochet!

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